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100+ Gigabytes of Professional Tabletop Audio
Sound Designs and Growing!
That's 100,000+ Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror Sound Files to use Free Here!
The Most Professional Sound Creations for All Types of Tabletop Games.
 Free Use Audio Players!
Dungeon Masters and Player Characters control custom sound sets
FREE LIVE! All Since 2013

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The Best Professional Sounds, Production Live Controller and Software for Your RPG Experience!

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Live Play Free Since 2013


Ambient Realms

Our Mission

Bringing Amazing Sound Elements to the table top role playing and board game systems.
Our goal is to customize sounds to give the Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, Players and the audiences that extra added amazing excitement for fantasy role playing and board games.
Each of our music tracks, sound FX’s and voice overs are created specifically for the game style by our industry professionals with 40 plus years of experience in the Music and RPG Industries. We do not use 3rd party sounds. All of our superior sound designs are done in house for great professional audio consistencies in recording and mastering. Our audio players are designed for multi stereo polyphonic infinite looping control playback and multi browser page linking playback. We recognized as gamers that ten minute audio players are distracting in game time and  just can't sustain with a real time RPG table top gaming system that needs no interruptions .



Our Goal is To Make a Difference!

Let's find a way to help individuals and families cope and cure Autism and Huntington's Disease. I am devoting my time, effort with joint private funding to use
my trade experience to make a difference!

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Music Smart Studio

  Is our center base of operations for all professional multimedia sound and game testing designs. We have logged thousands of  hours developing focused, consistent quality into our productions. 
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All about the production behind

the creation of Ambient Realms.

All Audio samples published under Tunecore & BMI

Digital Watermark Protection

Sound Sets are enhanced play with these great titles!

More to come!


Generic Ambient Sounds Compatible With These Titles and More!



*All Trademark Rights and Regulations apply to Registered Manufactures of these products. Ambient Realms offers sound design to enhance live play with these titles.

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Thank You for Your Support!
Great Blessings in the name of our Lord.

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