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Professional RPG Controller and

Massive RPG Ambient Sound Library


If you want to be internet connection free, there are no monthly subscription fees. You can also make custom sound design encounters with the best Massive RPG Sound Elements.


This Bundle includes: 


      1. Ambient Realms 105.62 gigabytes of the Massive RPG                                                     Ambient Sound Library

(Download Access Only)!

                             (Description contents listed below).


      2. Novation USB 2.0 LauchControl XL with your choice of Ambient                 Realms colors in Black or Red. You get Ableton Live Lite 11. The                 most powerful Music Production Software. Ableton Live 11 is the               music industry leader in Live Audio Playback/Mixing/Effects/                   EQ's/Automation/Recording/and much more!

           Software for Mac or PC. Total retail value at $580.00  


                                                     Package Deal $469.99

Email inquiries to: ambientrealms@gmail.com



Choose between Ambient Realms custom designed Novation Launch Controller XL colors available in Black or Red.


Massive RPG Ambient Sound Library
Individual total value at $400.00
Professional RPG Sound Files
 That's 105.62 gigabytes of the Massive Professional RPG Sound Library!
Download Access Only!

Audio Drama Music
Ambient Sound FX
DM Gizmo FX
         Massive Fantasy Ambient
Music Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
Massive Horror Ambience Volume 1, 2 & 3. 
  Massive Arcane FX
Massive Divine FX
  Massive Martial FX
Massive Generic Monster FX
Massive Monster FX1 Library
Massive Special FX Library
Massive Traps & Hazards FX
Sci-Fi Albums 1 & 2

Sci-Fi FX Bundle 1

This sound sets can be used by any Sound Player, App or software that will play .wav files. Our Support Page and Video Page show some examples of use and types of App & Software products.
You are welcome to contact us with any questions.
One time purchase.
No monthly subscription fees!
You can find some of these sounds for FREE online use only on this website but additional sounds only available in this bundled. 



For previous purchasers the
Update Bundle Includes Additional Libraries:
Ambient Fantasy Albums 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.
Massive Horror Ambience 2 and 3.
Additional Monsters, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Sound FX. 


That's 105.62 gb audio files with Massive RPG Sound Library Combined  Total. 


DM Mini Controller Bundle.
Massive RPG Sound Library
(Download Access Only)
Total retail value at $450.00

Package Deal

Includes Ableton Live Lite 11.
Email inquiries to: ambientrealms@gmail.com

No need for slow internet connection on game night!

Make your voice  sound beastly with super voice FX!

Design, record, edit and automate your own DM/GM shows!


Your encounters will load super quickly.

Save everything on a fly to re-open and use again!

You control all the sound design!


Build off our Massive Sound Library Toolkit by recording yourself and friends!

Unlimited possibilities!


Now Get Busy Sound Adventure!

Your Role Playing Sound Adventure Begins Now!

Become a DM/GM Sound Master.

Add some Oomph! In your game!

It will scare the flesh off your PC's!

Here are Great Product addons we recommend expanding your Advanced DM RPG Gaming Audio! 

Add Krotos Audio Dehumaniser Lite or upgrade to Dehumanizer II.  This incredible voice FX will scare the $%#*^%! out of your PC's. Click for free trial version download and add to Ableton Live Lite vocal FX channel.

Stand Alone Bundle
AKAI APC-33 Controller and includes Ableton Live Lite 11.

Novation Launchpad. More additional fast sound trigger pads.
Blue Yeti Pro version Only!
No latency driver!
Direct audio output to speakers.
Perfect for DM voice FX with no delay in Ableton Live.
Brookstone Big Blue
Party Speaker
Great sound!
Great Bass response! Portability!

Great Compatible Audio Playback Apps Available!










Check out: Ableton Live Lite Free Trial Download

Mac or Pc Here: https://www.ableton.com/en/products/live-lite/


This freeware is very cool! It will give you full control of Ableton Live 9 with 8 channels of audio. This is 64 controllable sound cells which is more than enough for a few evenings of game play. You can save various campaigns and load on a fly to expand further. If you need more than this you can buy the full version.  Video demo link http://youtu.be/g71hgD7rH0I

I like free and easy!


All Audio samples published under Tunecore & BMI except Star Wars audio By Disney Intellectual Property.

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