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Login in at GAME PLAY LIVE for complete RPG tabletop sound players FREE

Live Ambient Sounds online FREE Since 2013


100GB Plus+ Superior HD Mp3 Audio

Expanding the Table Top Experience with Our Professional

Creative Ambient Sounds Sets for DM's and PC's Since 2013.

Online FREE Use!




Click on Music Smart Studio Link to see professional audio production

work history of Ambient Realms Creator Marc Pieruccini

DM's and PC's Control custom sound tracks for the game.


Try mixing and matching the sound samples for layers of cool environments.

All Live online FREE Since 2013

All users controllable multi-sound elements.

Your not locked to a single premixed sound track format software.

Unlimited streaming of polyphonic playback! Mix

Stream live anywhere you have internet access.

Try playing a game from these  sound samples.


For full access​ log on to:
Game Play Live​

for complete sound sets.

Enhanced Play Live

Examples of Ambience, FX's, Monster Encounters and Narrations

Enhanced Play Live

Examples of Ambience, FX's, Monster Encounters and Narrations

All Live online FREE Since 2013

Goblin Song

Enhanced Play Live

All Live online FREE Since 2013

May Your Role Playing Sound Adventure Begin Now!



Our Professional Sounds may be used on many hardware formats in Game Play Live using the likes of Laptops, Apple IPads, Tablets, Smart Phones just by simply logging into your user account and stream it live anywhere!


You can expand use on programs and controllers like Ableton Live series software with a Novation Launchpad controller or using sample cell apps like Touchables. This will expand exciting game play.

For more information on Pro use go here!

Digital Watermark Protection

*All Audio samples published under Tunecore & BMI except Star Wars audio By Disney Intellectual Property and names Titles of Dungeons & Dragons by Hasbro,Wizards of the Coast and Paizo Publishing.

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